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About Us

Qingdao Gujarati Trade R&D and Manufacturing Co., Ltd has a product research and development enterprise that integrates design, manufacturing, and analysis. The company has a sound organizational structure, a complete management system, and flexible incentive mechanisms.

The company adheres to the concept of "technology as productivity" and continuously cultivates and absorbs a group of high-tech technology teams with rich theoretical level and practical experience. After user trial, the products produced using this process have stable quality, safety, and reliability, and can meet user requirements. Some technical performance indicators meet or exceed user requirements, and have received praise from users.

In recent years, the company's performance has made tremendous progress, and its management level has once again improved to a new level. The company has established sales networks throughout the country and has established stable business relationships with multiple large domestic manufacturers. In addition, some products are also exported to Western Europe and the Americas.

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