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What is the function of the four water bags at the bottom of an inflatable raft?


What is the function of the four water bags at the bottom of an inflatable raft?

The water holding requirements for the bottom balance water bag of the inflatable life raft:

Provide sufficient buoyancy to meet the average freeboard height of the liferaft when the rated number of passengers is not less than 30cm; when any floating tire is damaged, the other floating tire is sufficient to provide the buoyancy requirements for the rated number of passengers and accessories; an inflatable liferaft is It is one of the important life-saving equipment necessary for ships to sail at sea. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, simple structure, easy to use, good performance and high cost performance.

It is generally stored in a fiberglass storage tube and installed on a special raft frame on the ship's side. Its main function is to provide life-saving facilities for people in distress to evacuate in emergencies. It plays a very good role in ensuring safe navigation and operations at sea.

Since inflatable life rafts are so important, the importance of installation, storage, and boarding facilities for inflatable life rafts cannot be ignored. The following case is combined with actual inspection work to mainly discuss the installation, storage, and boarding of inflatable life rafts.

Inflatable life rafts are classified according to the release method, and there are mainly two types: throw life rafts and hanging life rafts. The most common one is the throwable liferaft, and the hanging liferaft is mostly used on passenger ships.

The balance water bag of the inflatable life raft must contain water without rupture. It can be thrown directly into the water by manpower or the raft's own gravity, and the life raft can be automatically inflated and formed. The inflated life raft has a certain buoyancy and space. Passengers can board through the boarding facilities or directly jump into the water to achieve life-saving purposes. .

The ship sinks too fast and there is no time to throw the raft into the water. When the ship sinks to a certain depth underwater, the hydrostatic pressure releaser on the life raft frame will automatically unhook and release the life raft.


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