CNC Machining Rapid Prototype

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The Metal Rapid Prototype of rapid metal prototype include aluminum alloy, copper alloy, magnesium alloy and stainless steel. It is common among high-end metal prototype, like the case of notebook, digital camera and mobile. Such kind of prototypes have strict requirement in quality, appearance and dimension precision.

During the processof new product development, the product’s appearance verification is a must. The surface ofrapid metal prototype can be treated with painting, electroplating, anodic oxidation, screen printing, and sand spraying. It is concrete, and can reflect vividly the idea of the designer, therefore, it can help designers to make a quick verification in the satisfaction of appearance and the resonability of structure.

To get the feedback of product design quickly, customers need to finish the verification of appearance and structure simultaneously after the completion of new product design. CNC machining rapid prototype can make it simultaneously. And it is widely used in manufacture industry worldwide.

With more and more fierce market competition today, time is money. To strengthen product competitiveness, it is urgent to lower the cost and enhance efficiency throughout the product life cycle from the development to mass production. And because lots of time is spent in massive verification in the early stage of new product design, customers want to save time in prototype. The efficiency of CNC machining rapid prototype become the most eye-catching topic among the customers, shortening the life cycle and strengthening competitiveness of new product.

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